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1) How do I use nicotine pouches?
1) Open the lid on the can 2) Place the oral nicotine pouch under your upper lip, between your lip and gum 3) Leave it there for around 15 - 30 minutes to enjoy the nicotine release 4) After use, simply place the used portion in the secret compartment lid on the top of the tin and continue being awesome!
2) What does the pouch feel like to use?
This product may cause a cool stinging sensation at the start. It is not recommended for non-nicotine users. The best way to start using nicotine pouches is to move it around the top lip to get around the slight stinging factor. This effect wears off after a while and you get used to it.
3) Why do I feel a stinging sensation?
This is due to the PH levels in the pouches that help release the nicotine. After a couple of pouches the stinging sensation goes away. The stinging sensation can be intensified with flavours like citrus and mint.
4) How often should I use this product?
Most regular users who switch from smoking/vaping to these products find the amount of pouches they use is less than what they would if they were smoking cigarettes or vaping. An average user would get through around 3-5 cans a week. This can vary due to the strength of the nicotine pouches you choose and how heavy as ex smoker/vaper you were.
5) How will this help me to switch from smoking?
These products have a highly effective switch rate. What we are seeing in European countries is a success rate of 60-75% for getting people to switch from cigarettes.
6) What is in a pouch?
Our products typically contain nicotine, fillers (plant based), pH adjusters, stabiliser, sweetener and flavours. Apart from nicotine, our ingredients are widely used in food products. Each pouch contains 8-15mg of nicotine per pouch (same as a cigarette) and is a tobacco-free plant based alternative. Each tin has 15-23 pouches per tin depending on which type you use.
1) How long does shipping take?
2-3 working days.
2) Who can I contact about Shipping & Delivery?
Contact the team at info@tomorrowonline.co.nz