Our Mission

Tomorrow is NZ's largest online
and retail supplier of nicotine pouches

Tomorrow® is a local brand, by kiwis for kiwis. A unique story of two friends coming together to flip the game on it’s head. A David vs Goliath story…

Tomorrow® is the leading nicotine pouch distributor/retailer in the market. Selling a healthier future and a better tomorrow through intelligent, modern nicotine products.

“Sweden and Norway are classified as smokefree countries as they have smoking rates of 5% or less. This has been achieved by the use of smokefree nicotine delivery systems”

About Our Products

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Nicotine Pouches are a cost efficient and effective alternative to smoking. Made in Sweden and highly popular in the US and Europe.

Nicotine pouches are small, teabag-like pouches that are placed under the upper lip for 15-30 minutes, for what's a "great nicotine hit". They're completely tobacco-free and don't require users to spit. 


- Tobacco-free plant based alternative
- Food grade quality standards
- Product may cause a cool stinging sensation at the start

The best way to start using nicotine pouches is to move it around your top lip to experience the cool stinging sensation. This effect wears off after a while, you get used to it and in fact crave it after time! Not recommended for non-nicotine users.

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How to Use

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Open the can.

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Place the pouch under your upper lip between your lip and gum.

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Leave it there for around 15 - 30 minutes to enjoy the nicotine release. No chewing or spitting required.

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After use, simply place the used portion in the lid waste compartment on the top of the can.

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