Our Mission

Tomorrow is NZ's largest online
and retail supplier of modern nicotine
delivery systems

Tomorrow® is a local brand, by kiwis for kiwis. A unique story of two friends coming together to flip the game on it’s head. A David vs Goliath story…

Tomorrow® is the leading nicotine stick and nicotine pouch distributor/retailer in the market. Selling a healthier future and a better tomorrow through intelligent, modern nicotine products.

“Sweden and Norway are classified as smokefree countries as they have smoking rates of 5% or less. This has been achieved by the use of smokefree nicotine delivery systems”

About Our Products

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Omen nicotine sticks are a modern nicotine delivery system that uses only fresh air to deliver pure nicotine & natural flavours.They are a cost efficient and effective alternative to smoking or vaping.

Discover Omen’s New Way of Delivering Nicotine

Omen is a discrete device that delivers natural flavours and nicotine in the same ritualistic way that smokers are used to. What's the point of difference? Omen devices do not generate toxic emissions, so you can use anywhere, anytime!

- No heat or nasty by-products
- Emission free & tobacco free
- Approx 200 draws

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Product Image Product Name
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Enjoying an Omen stick
is easy

Take your Omen stick and hold it with the plunger towards the sky.

Push the plunger fully so it sits against the main body of the stick.

Shake for 5-10 seconds to allow the liquid to saturate the holding filter.

Now your Omen stick is ready to enjoy for 200 draws!

Your Omen stick uses flavour molecules to carry the nicotine, so when the flavour runs out it's time to get a new stick.

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