White Fox Full Charge

White Fox

White Fox Full Charge

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Form: Slim Portion

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Product Type: All White Portion Extra Strong

Net weight: 15 g

Nicotine level: 16.5 mg/g

Pouches/can: 15

Nicotine/pouch: 16.5mg

Portion weight: 1gm

How to Use

Simply place the small pouch under the top lip between the lip and gum and leave it there for 15-30 minutes for maximum enjoyment.

New Zealand's largest online and retail supplier of nicotine pouches.

Customer Reviews

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Ace SuperWhite Citrus

Fresh Cooling Flavour of the Sharp, Acidic Citrus Taste

As someone that recently moved to NZ I was disappointed not to be able to get chewing tobacco. Decided to give White Fox a go and have really enjoyed it. Refreshing with a bit of a kick.

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