White Fox Double Mint

White Fox

White Fox Double Mint

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Form: Slim Portion

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Product Type: All White Portion Extra Mint Flavouring

Net weight: 15 g

Nicotine level: 16 mg/g

Pouches/can: 20

Nicotine/pouch: 12mg

Portion weight: 0.75gm

How to Use

Simply place the small pouch/portion under the top lip between the lip and gum and leave it there for 15-30 minutes for maximum enjoyment.

There is no inhaling so your lungs get the well-deserved rest they need and only take in fresh air, which is what they were designed to do!

New Zealand's largest online and retail supplier of nicotine pouches.

Ace SuperWhite Citrus

Fresh Cooling Flavour of the Sharp, Acidic Citrus Taste

As someone that recently moved to NZ I was disappointed not to be able to get chewing tobacco. Decided to give White Fox a go and have really enjoyed it. Refreshing with a bit of a kick.

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