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Making the Switch to Nicotine Pouches

28th May 2020

For Kiwis, nicotine pouches are a relatively new product on the market and because of this, we often see a lot of misinformation out there about our mighty little nicotine pouches. We’re determined to shed some light on the health benefits, the proven success of overseas adoption and innovative nature of the product itself. 

1. Health Benefits. 

Nicotine pouches are in the same harm category as gums, lozenges and sprays at 99% less harmful than smoking. Although this statistic speaks for itself, why is it that nicotine pouches are often lumped into ‘danger’ categories along with products such as chewing tobacco and cigars? Unfortunately, early health campaigns have tended to confuse the effects of nicotine with the dangers of tobacco and combustion. Although scientific evidence surrounding the dangers of nicotine is weak, the impression remains that tobacco and nicotine contain the same levels of risk. There’s a famous quote by Dr Michael Russell that goes, ‘people smoke for the nicotine but they die from the tar’. We design our product to be tobacco-free to present a sliding scale of risk for our users. Avoiding the crux of the harm by avoiding tobacco, adopters can dodge the core health risks while working towards complete cessation.  

2. Overseas Success.

Although nicotine pouches are new to New Zealand, pouches are hugely popular in European countries and have become an important stakeholder in the success of their smoke-free development. Sweden currently hosts a 5% smoking rate and Norway has an under 5% smoking rate for people under the age of 34. These countries are becoming closer and closer to their own smoke-free goals while protecting the health of their citizens by encouraging the switch to a less harmful alternative. With the introduction of nicotine pouches to New Zealand and the increasingly positive perception of their viability, New Zealand truly is on the way to reaching our smokefree 2025 goal. 

3. Harm Reduction. 

If giving up smoking truly was as easy as telling people to quit, Aotearoa would have become smoke-free years ago. The reality is that giving up smoking can be a gruelling, ongoing process and we know personally that it's seriously difficult to quit. We believe that the introduction of new products to the current market will be the difference in helping smokers quit for good. Nicotine pouches are an innovative alternative that completely eliminates tobacco harm and is a more cost-effective option than all traditional products currently available. 

We’re looking forward to keeping everyone updated on the latest news and our ongoing commitment to achieving New Zealand’s Smokefree 2025 goal.