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Key Benefits of Tomorrow Nicotine Pouches

11th June 2020

NZ Smokefree Tomorrow are New Zealand’s sole distributor of nicotine pouches. Looking at the overseas success of nicotine pouches and their means of generating ‘smoke-fee’ countries, we dug deeper into why the success of this product is so prevalent and the science behind how pouches are successfully helping smokers make the switch for good.

Benefit #1 - Nicotine Pouches Do Not Contain Tobacco. 

When it comes to our White Fox, ZYN and Ace nicotine pouch products, the number one question we are asked is if the product contains tobacco. Do not be confused with the Swedish equivalent of Snus - these pouches contain zero tobacco! The benefit of this is clear, with a reduced risk of disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Another aesthetic benefit to a zero tobacco approach is that you’ll keep your shiny white teeth! 

Benefit #2 - No Habitual Smoking Motion. 

When it comes to smoking cessation, the success of nicotine pouches particularly comes from their design. Our product does not allow the habitual motions of inhaling or lifting up to the mouth as smoking or vaping does. We know that 10% of quitting smoking boils down to the habit of lifting the cigarette to your lips. The problem with vaping is brought to light when ex-smokers become addicted to the habitual motion, which continues even if you pick up a vape instead of a cigarette. Nicotine pouches are also non-combustible, eliminating any toxic inhalation of smoke or chemicals are generated from burning tobacco. Our product is designed for any smoker or vaper who is looking to get rid of their unsafe way of delivering nicotine. 

Benefit #3 - Designed your Lifestyle. 

Nicotine pouches are slim, convenient and discrete. You can use White Fox, Ace and ZYN on the bus, on the job, in a meeting or on the first date. There are no limitations to your environment or situation with nicotine pouches. No more standing in the smoking area halfway though a Studio gig or needing to break away from the job to have a puff. Our users feel like they are less likely to go back to smoking because of the convenience and the no-fuss approach that come in hand with their adoption. 

The results really speak for themselves, nicotine pouches have been helping Kiwis give up the smokes for good. Check out a handful of them below: 


First time using a product like this. I'm very happy with it I really felt like a vape, but then I thought nope, I'll see how good this stuff is. It has removed my temptation to vape - I'm amazed! - Richie D 

I was a little hesitant at first, given that my experience was only with tobacco Snus. But wow. The experience is exactly the same, with some noticeable benefits. No staining and no worries about increased mouth cancer. This product is fantastic! And a great price - Phill B 

This product is amazing. I love the fact that it's tobacco-free, is not bad for your health and yet provides a far nicer alternative to smoking and vaping. I prefer the buzz. I also find I enjoy sitting down and relaxing with this instead of a few drinks. - Michael C 

After using chewing tobacco sparingly after coming off smoking, these not only give the required nicotine hit. They also taste great and don't require you to spit every 5 seconds. Super lowkey. - Nick J 

This is a great product, especially as it does not irritate others while you are using it. I also do not to need to go outside, like when you are smoking. Less harmful than smoking. - Kamran M