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Boost Wellness - Boost Productivity

22nd June 2020

The topic of productivity in the workplace has always been an area of interest for both employers and employees alike. Whether you are working at a construction site, sitting at a desk or flying tourists over Fox Glacier, it’s always a good idea to stay on your game and make the most out of your workday. 

Productivity is obviously crucial for each of us in our daily lives, inside and outside of work. There have been hundreds, even thousands of blogs dedicated to outlining the key steps that increase employee productivity in the workplace. You’ll probably read tips such as ‘reducing distractions’, ‘setting daily goals’ and ‘planning your calendar’ - although practical, it’s puzzling why these tips are always at the forefront of the discussion, while employee health and wellbeing is not. Following these regimented ideas of constant time-management improvement can actually be detrimental to workplace culture, and the next thing you know, you’ll be clocking your time to tie your shoelace on the way to your next meeting. 

We reckon that the number one method to increase productivity in your workplace is to focus on employee wellbeing. Whether you are an employee or an employer, it’s important to remember that happy employees = higher quality output. Having a workplace that promotes a healthy work-life balance creates an environment that flourishes with creativity, transparency and inevitably, productivity in output. 

Here are a few of the key unexpected benefits that come with focusing on employee wellbeing. 

#1:  Increased Motivation 

Employees are motivated to perform when their employer cares about their quality of life. This includes initiatives that address their financial, physical, social and emotional health. Healthy engagement between employer and employee encourages loyalty, which increases the probability of employees sticking around at the company for a longer period of time. 

#2: Morale Boost

It’s important to allow employees to interact in activities besides their job. Building friendships with the people you are around every day will boost collaboration, teamwork and communication in the workplace. Improving employee morale results in satisfied employees, which in turn, leads to happy clients. 

#3: Less Sick Days 

Loss of productivity due to health reasons often leads to absenteeism, costing companies potential make-it-or-break-it cash. It’s no secret that the happier an employee, the more compelled they are to show up at work. 

We all lead fast lives, and that will cause stress levels to skyrocket. The importance of focusing on wellbeing and holistic health in your work environment should never be overlooked. If you are wanting to improve your productivity as an employee, remember to look at your sense of wellbeing and how this may affect your performance at your job. If you are an employer, ensure that you have set up initiatives to promote a healthy workplace culture at your business. 

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